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Uuma (Yoshimi Souma)[1]

Biographical Information

迂々真 ・ 早間 好実


UumaSouma Yoshimi

Also known as

Yoshimi Souma (Real Name)


Horse (午, Uma)

Basic Information



September 9


230 cm


150 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color




Light Novel

Chapter 1


Chapter 1


Episode 1

Voice Actors

Hikaru Midorikawa


Randy E. Aguebor

Uuma迂々真」 is one of the 12 Zodiacs of the anime series. He is the Zodiac of the Horse. His real name is Yoshimi Souma.


Uuma is an extremely tall man, the tallest character in the series, well over 7 feet. He has brown eyes and long, shaggy brown hair, similar to a horse's mane. He is also extremely muscular in terms of overall build.

For attire he is normally clad in a dark brown sleeveless shirt, black pants, a large bronze like belt and brown cowboy boots topped with a horseshoe insignia.

Perhaps the most distinct features he has are the two large metal wrist guards he wears that reach well past his elbows and his unique helmet. Said helmet is similar in design to a kabuto or samurai helm, with two pointed horse ears, an extremely tall mohawk on top and a small horseshoe in the center.

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He is known as a man of few words, proclaimed moderate, and only his closest associates have heard him speak, aside from when he introduces himself before the battle. In battle, he fights with a stoicism befitting his quiet nature.

However, it is later revealed this stoic attitude is merely a facade as inspite of his immense size and power, Uuma is a coward at heart, quick to run away from a fight and hide.

Inspite of his cowardly behavior he is shown to also have an immense level of determination and willpower, willingly subjecting himself to numerous experiments and training regiments that granted him his incredible physical prowess. [2]


In his teens, Yoshimi was tall but slender, but after experiencing a decisive defeat in battle, he took up bodybuilding. He augmented his physical training by unhesitatingly reaching out for drugs to alter his body chemistry. The result is the most physically massive man in the history of the Souma clan.[2]

Skills & Abilities

His primary and only power is his incredibly strong body. In terms of sheer physical power and endurance he is the most powerful the of the 12 combatants. Were he not hindered by his lack of confidence or courage it's very likely he could've easily won the entire tournament himself.


Wrist Guards: Uuma's primary weapon are a pair of massive metal wrist guards, that extend well past his elbows. They are primarily a defensive weapon, that in conjunction with his Stirrup ability provides an effective wall against attacks.


Stirrup: This ability allows Uuma to increase the toughness of his body beyond that of the average human. This is best exemplified during his brief duel with Ushii who despite coming at him with lethal intent and landing numerous blows, none of his attacks were able to break Uuma's skin.



  • Incidentally, Yoshimi intended to name his "Stirrup" ability the rather unremarkable "Armor," but he made a mistake when writing the kanji. Luckily, it still fits him rather well.[2]


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