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Dr. Finish (Fuji Nocturne)

Biographical Information

ドクター・フィニッシュ ・ ノクターン 不二


Dokutā FinisshuNokutān Fuji

Also known as

Nocturne Fuji (Real Name)



Basic Information



March 3rd

Hair Color

White and Blue



Voice Actors

Dr. Finishドクター・フィニッシュ」 is one of the Twelve Western Zodiacs from the novel Juuni Taisen vs. Juuni Taisen. She is the Zodiac of the Pisces and her real name is Nocturne Fuji.


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Pisces had been a spectacle in medical care at the camp ever since she was a child. She married the director of the camp and escaped by poisoning the groom and the whole family. After that, she served on field hospitals under a different identity. Eventually it was revealed illegal human experiments done by the back, and she became a criminal under “doctor law violation”.


Crime- Murder

Pisces appeared suddenly from the sea. Tiger didn't attack her because she felt Pisces was a non combatant but when Tiger tried to jump at Taurus, Pisces injected a poison in Tora's neck by surprise. Tiger inquired why Pisces didn’t fight from the beginning, and she answered “It’s funny because you kill grueling fish, isn’t it?”.

Near the end of the negotiation between Monkey and Cancer, it is revealed that Pisces and Capricorn poisoned Monkey by themselves. Monkey tried to attack Pisces, but she used Capricorn as a shield to strike at Monkey’s humanitarian heart, killing Monkey.

Not knowing the side effects of overlapping One-Man Army, both Capricorn and Pisces self-administer ahead in order to compete with Dog and Boar. But even that was a strategy of them, since Dog was unconsciously induced to move at Boar’s fire directed at Capricorn and Pisces and was killed.

Boar planned a surprise attack on Pisces but Boar's movements were read by Pisces enhanced by One-Man Army, resulting in a misdirection. In addition, Pisces injected a special poison into boar's neck.

Even though she survives to the end of the great war, she chooses “her own death” as planned by using the landmine that she and Capricorn made together, killing both her and Capricorn.



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