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Nezumi (Tsugiyoshi Sumino)[1]

Biographical Information

寝住 ・ 墨野 継義


NezumiSumino Tsugiyoshi

Also known as

Tsugiyoshi Sumino (Real Name)


Rat (子, Ne)

Basic Information



March 3


170 cm


55 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color




Light Novel

Chapter 1


Chapter 1


Episode 1

Voice Actors

Shun Horie


Daman Mills

Nezumi寝住」 is one of the 12 Zodiacs of the anime series. He is the Zodiac of the Rat. His real name is Tsugiyoshi Sumino.


Nezumi wears a blue combat uniform made to look a rat. He has a white facial mask with rodent ears and carries a sword.

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Nezumi is a teenager who acts more mature than his peers. He is rather pragmatic when he comes to certain situations like the Juuni Taisen and is curious about Misaki (Sharyu)'s mindset and views about pacifism.

Due to the nature of his ability, Nezumi sleeps a lot and often appears carefree.

However, he once confessed to Misaki that he often wonders if his efforts in fighting are worth it, as the young warrior often feels sick whenever he thinks about how carefree and unaware the high school students at his school are of the real conflicts in the world.


Nezumi is one of the warriors chosen for the Juuni Taisen.

In his private life, Nezumi attends a regular Japanese high school.


Juni Taisen

He is first seen sleeping while the rest of the Juuni Taisen warriors arrive. After a while, he joins Sharyu, the Warrior of the Monkey, in alliance to peacefully end the Juuni Taisen but is soon interrupted when the battle begins.

In the end, Nezumi becomes the victor and wishes to forget everything that happened. He is last seen sleeping in class, content.

Juni Taisen vs Juuni Taisen Novel

In the Novel, Nezumi was killed before the battle even started by Aries. Aries then used his body to sneak into the Eastern zodiacs meeting place where she then used Nezumi's wakizashi to slice off Ox's head, killing the Ox.

Skills & Abilities


Nezumi's main weapon is a wakizashi, otherwise known as short katana.


The Hundred Paths of Nezumi-san: This ability allows Nezumi to tamper with the realm of probability. He can carry out a hundred different choices at once, then select which becomes a reality. For example, if he were playing Rock-Paper-Scissors, he could throw a rock, paper, and scissors at the same time. Should he settle on a rock, then reality acts as if he never chose paper or scissors. If time is like a flowchart, he can test out one hundred of its forked paths, then select whichever route he likes the best. Most courses end up being mostly similar, and simultaneously experiencing one hundred potential realities comes with a massive mental burdenーin other words, it's exhausting.

The discarded paths are remembered only by him (with some exceptions), but he doesn't have perfect recallーone hundred different experiences make for too much to retain completely.[2]


  • The only time he gets excited is when he's eating cheeseーno two pieces of cheese taste the same.[2]
  • He once had a crush that he tried to confess to using his ability, The Hundred Paths of Nezumi-san, but she rejected him in each possible reality.[2]
  • His name, Nezumi (寝住) means "a rat that occupies the state of sleep."
    • Ne (ね・寝) means sleep. Sumi (すみ・住み) means to reside or dwell in (When used in a compound the su sound can be voiced zu). Nezumi (ねずみ・鼠) means rat.[3]


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