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Naviナビイ」 is a supporting character in the Juuni Taisen manga series and is the reporter for the 12th Zodiac War.


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Navi seems to be an overally curious and somewhat easily flustered young man, as seen where he easily blushed in embarrassment at Duodecuple teleporting him in front of the participants and introducing him. During the actual Juuni Tiasen, Navi was seen to be highly analytical in his analysis and observation of each of the warriors and their battles and easily impressed by the various techniques,powers and abilities displayed by each warrior.



Navi was dispatched by the Juuni Tiasen Organizers to observe the battles of the 12th Juuni Taisen between the 12 Zodiac Warriors and keep track of the warriors progress and properly keep count of the kill order and how many participants were left after each battle.

Skills & Abilities

During his time as an observer for the 12th Juuni Taisen, Navi showcased moderate physical abilities to allow him to avoid getting caught up in the crossfire of each warrior's battles during the course of the war and enough stealth and speed to keep up with them as they traveled through the city.


  • Mobile Tablet: During his time observing the 12th Juuni Taisen, Navi was given his own Mobile Tablet terminal by the Organizers to observe the battle's of the war that gave him access to their spy satellites,city cameras and other surveillance equipment. The Tablet also allowed him access to the Organizers Information Network and Database that gave him detailed information on each of the warrior's personal background information,skills,abilities and histories prior to the war.


  • Cloning: During each of the Battles, Nezumi immediately noticed that not only was Navi present in each and everyone of the warrior's individual battles, but he was in actuality simultaneously observing all twelve of them at the same time due to somehow being able to create multiple clones of himself. With the only difference being that each Navi had a different hat style and color to differentiate them from each other.



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