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Double Mind (W2222 & M2222)

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Daburu Maindo

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June 6th



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Double Mind「ダ ブ ル ・ マ イ ン ド」is one of the Western Zodiacs in the novel Juuni Taisen vs. Juuni Taisen. They are the Gemini Zodiac. The older sister was a was a criminal for stealing an aircraft carrier and the younger brother for stealing a nuclear submarine.


Are dizygotic twins siblings, both twins dress in sailor uniforms, older sister is petite but younger brother is huge.

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The twins are war criminals.


Gemini were illegal human experimentation's of a certain military organization. Since they planned to produce one outstanding warrior, the twins Double Mind were treated as a failure.

For that reason, their existence was concealed and each one was confined in another place, but felt the presence of the each other  and survived the harsh conditions with this support. The size of attack is maximum even among the war criminals because they can freely manipulate nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers with autopilot using the twins spirit response.


Crime- Theft

Under the command of Leo, they destroy the castle which is the base of the warriors with missile bombing. Moreover, even if they fought down the warriors who escaped by the cave which they kept intentionally, it was late when they realized it was a trap for them to chase themselves. Eye of Cormorant found the evacuation destination as soon as possible. Boar was familiar with heavy weapons and weapons in general are sorted for unexploded ordnance that was left due to a large volume drop. Dog then  uses a strong banging power and instantly creates a simplified time bomb. The twins were so amazed at the great strategy of Monkey that both gathered and died together.



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