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Sir Cancer (Caesar Caesar)

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Sā Kansā
Shīzā Kaesaru

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Caesar Caesar



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Sir. Cancerサー・カンサー」 is one of the Twelve Western Zodiacs from the novel Juuni Taisen vs. Juuni Taisen. He is the Zodiac of the Cancer.


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Cancer’s real name is pronounced Caesar Kaiser. He was the messenger of peace before Monkey and was worshiped as being able to wipe away the war from Earth, also being a pacifist like Monkey. In addition to the end of the wars, he sets a “complete reconciliation” as the goals of the negotiation. After continuing negotiations persistently after the end of the war, the two countries were charged with Double Spies and he became a war criminal with “Internal Crimes”. While negotiating the last law, there was no room for explanations. In reality he was the winner of the 8th Zodiac War at age 12. However because his wish was to erase his record, no one remembers this. He swept the twelve warriors with negotiating techniques and intelligence beforehand, so they waved him as a staff from the criminal side. Even though claiming to be a pacifist he has no problem people dieing if it means his plan will work.


Crime- Treason

At some time after sheep fought with Horse, sheep was wondering around until he meet Cancer. After asking Cancer “Do not set yourself as a puppet like Horse”, Sheep was killed by Cancer. He is said to have super strengh which he uses to kill sheep.

Cancer planned on having Virgo and Taurus doing suicide to scar monkey mentally.

During the peace negotiation both Cancer and Monkey were poisoned. Dog kills him in retaliation to Monkey’s death by injecting tetanus, and he dies suffering with a distorted face. The peace negotiation in itself must’ve been some strategy, but the truth is not revealed.



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