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Friend Sheep (Meland Sherry)

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フレンド・シープ ・ メーランド・シェリー


Furendo ShīpuMērando Sherī



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Friend Sheepフレンド・シープ」 is one of the Twelve Western Zodiacs from the novel Juuni Taisen vs. Juuni Taisen. She is the Zodiac of the Aries.


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Aries is the daughter of the chairman of a clothing brand famous all around the world as her father and a first-class model as her mother. She was driven that “[she] must return her blessed birth to the world”, so she participated as a volunteer on the battlefield from early teens. Her work was to provide warm clothes to soldiers fighting for the country. When the wool started to ran out, she started to kill the captured enemies and use hair, skin, muscle and internal organs fully to make clothes. Far from the soldiers, even the surviving prisoners developed big problems from her “free distribution of bottomless, good faith”. In regards to being a war criminal, she says “I have not read Rashomon?”. With her power, she is able to switch over to others’ own consciousness and thought completely, so she can act without killing or hostility until the moment the Hypnosis is unraveled. She can also wear corpses like clothes and use self hypnosis. The self hypnosis can be lifted by saying her name.


Crime- Abuse prisoners

She slaughters Nezumi and Ushii from the start granting a better use. Later on she uses Ushii's corpse to kill Usagi. When she made a surprise attack on Monkey during the peace negotiations, she didn’t notice Boar had a strategy of “aiming and shooting alone before negotiations started” and died.



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